Among our branded projects are “Shentlemen” Series, Shenzhen Global Enterprises Workshop and International Elite Exchange Project. They link Shenzhen -- a city with innovation and inclusiveness -- to the world.
“Shentlemen” Series

In order to increase awareness of and create a good atmosphere from all walks of life for Shenzhen's international exchanges and cooperation, SFIEC has created a series of “Shentlemen” events, in form of large-scale themed activities, high-end salons and outstanding citizen selection. From the outset, these events have attracted a number of celebrities and influential figures to take part, such as Albert Arnold Gore Jr, Yao Ming, Lang Lang and so on, therefore the “Shentlemen” series has become an important brand of SFIEC to promote Shenzhen's international exchanges, cooperation and internationalization.

Shenzhen Global Enterprises Workshop

We provide Shenzhen entrepreneurs with unique, customized training and overseas experience. Based at well-known multinational companies at home or abroad, founders and senior managers of the host company as well as renowned business school professors share their internationalization strategies, case studies and research discoveries with the participating corporate executives and owners. As mentor and student explore business development pathways together, we hope to inspire more Shenzhen entrepreneurs to gain a global perspective.

International Elite Exchange Project

Together with Falcon and Associates (Dubai), we have continuously helped organize the talent selection in mainland China, especially in terms of finding bright young Shenzheners to join the Dubai Business Associates (DBA) Programme in the financial and trade epicenter of the Middle East. Besides, we launched the international talent exchange project called “A Journey to the West” tailored for Shenzhen Makers. More than 20 outstanding Shenzhen Young Makers were selected to visit some of the top-tier incubators in the US and UK where they took part in  various business challenges together with local makers.

Other Thematic Projects

Together with China Foundation for Peace and Development, Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development in PKU and other institutions, we have held the “Friends on the Silk Road” China-Southeast Asia Dialogue, Gala Dinner for the International Delegations’ Visit in China’s Pioneer Cities etc. The projects have helped Shenzhen better explore development opportunities along the “Belt and Road” countries, deepened mutual understanding between China (Shenzhen) and Maritime Silk Road countries and assisted Shenzhen to better seize development opportunities in order to integrate into global economy and thus increase its own recognition.

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