Global Partnerships

Since its establishment, SFIEC has been dedicated to building a collaboration network that enables resource sharing and creates mutually beneficial collaboration. Taking a global perspective, SFIEC works closely with well-known organizations, think tanks, enterprises and industrial associations to combine international forces with Shenzhen experience.

At present, SFIEC has established branches in Brisbane (Australia), Toronto (Canada) and Stockholm (Sweden), and has signed MOUs with more than 30 international and domestic institutions. Communication mechanisms have been set up and a number of projects have already been carried out in various countries and regions.

Strategic Partners
(listed below in chronological order)
​Ernst & Young (China) Advisory Limited Shenzhen Branch Office
​中国民生银行 深圳分行
​China Minsheng Bank Shenzhen Branch
​The Paulson Institute (U.S.) Beijing Representative Office
​Shenzhen Reform and Opening Up Executive Leadership Academy
​Mekong Institute
​Shenzhen Mangrove Wetlands Conservation Foundation
​Civil Society Alliance Forum
​ ​加中国际创新中心
​Sino-Canada Innovation Centre Toronto
​Shenzhen Outbound Alliance
​CRI Boston Innovation Center
​Tianan Cyber Park
​Cocoon Networks London
​Shenzhen Outbound Alliance
​Yuanquan Innovation Center
​Shenzhen Charity Federation
​Civil Society Alliance Forum
​ 一个地球自然基金会
​One Planet Foundation
​The Hague Business Agency
​Shenzhen Star Social Work College
​Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association
​BGI Global Innovation Center
​Shenzhen Innovation Corporate Social Corporate Social Responsibility Development Center
​University of Barcelona
​Shine Tak Foundation
​Shenzhen International Science and Technology Business Platform
​ ​马来西亚一带一路总商会
​One Belt One Road Association Malaysia
​Museum of the Future Foundation
​Thai-Chinese Cultural and Economy Association
​Canada Confederation of Shenzhen Associations
​ 迪拜杰贝阿里自贸区
​Jebel Ali Free Zone
​Korea Venture Business Association
​Association of High Potential Enterprise of Korea
​World Wildlife Fund
​City Promotion of BrisbaneWashington State China Relations Council
​ 布里斯班城市推广署
​City Promotion of Brisbane
Funding Projects

We not only run our own projects, but also fund third-party projects in three major areas: humanities and culture; business and trade; green and ecology. This way, we add new dimensions to Shenzhen's internationalization.

Some projects funded by SFIEC are listed below:

Humanities and Culture

Shekou Salon

Shenzhen case writing project with Harvard Business School 

Research on the origin of ancient Maritime Silk Road

PechaKucha Night

Integration of Foreign and Local Residents in Shenzhen's International Communities Project

Times Higher Education Asia Universities Summit 2018

Business and Trade

2016 China International OLED Industry Convention

Shenzhen - Haifa Dialogue on Innovation Incubators

Shenzhen-Brisbane Economy, Trade and Investment Forum

Green and Ecology

the 12th Shenzhen International Coastal Cleanup Day

International exchange and cooperation coral conservation project with DIVE FOR LOVE

Public Lecture on "Reversing the Future and Coping with Environmental Challenges Together"

The "Earth Hour"

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